Set the Scene

  • Mix and Match Paper Fans How To

    Vow to wow with a feature wall of fans! Flowers may fade, but these mix-and-match fans are wilt-proof. Keep reading for the deets on layering inexpensive paper fans for an easy, s

  • Picture Perfect Halloween Mantel Idea

    Go batty for this Halloween mantel decorating idea When it comes to decorating a Halloween mantel, you can cast a bewitching spell all season long by curating simple decor in a me

  • Bridal Wedding Bells Decoration How To

    A little DIY gives the traditional wedding bells a new spin! Something old, something new, some wedding bells, and some blue! With just a few simple party decorations, you can eas

  • EEK Balloon Arch How To

    Get all the details on making this boo-tiful wall decoration Get your guests to say “boo-tiful” when they see this stunning focal point at your party. A balloon garland is a go-t

  • Mummy Crypt Idea

    Get wrapped up in an evil mummy! Open the tomb and the treasure may be yours... but only if you can outsmart a striking cobra, Cerebus the guard dog and the pharoah’s bloodthirst

  • Animatronic Witch and Cauldron Idea

    Assist the witch with her brew or pay the price! Welcome to the witch's den! To create this wicked haunted house look, start by placing the animatronic witch in a spot where she h

  • Zombie Cemetery Idea

    Slay your decorations with a fogger and dry ice You can easily conjure up a Halloween cemetery full of freaky fog and the living dead – indoors or out. Start by covering the floor

  • Something Dark in a Corner Idea

    Your front room is said to be haunted... A spirit that can make you scream, a thing of darkness, a creature that waits patiently for blood. She materializes in haunted places, in

  • Asylum Nurse Haunted House Idea

    Time for your daily dose of terror! Create a hospital scene so horrific, visitors might have a heart attack! But no worries, there's a spare close by. Start with an animatronic as

  • Bloody Basement Haunted House Idea

    Terrorize with a twisted bloody scene Put together a gory and gruesome basement display that will give visitors a bone-afide scare! Dangle severed hands, feet and heads by cuffs a

  • Spook Up Your Bar Cart for Halloween With This Guide

    You love this Halloween take on the rustic trend. Brew up your own take on a “skull and bones” theme by selecting your favorite skulls, small skeletons and rustic decorations from

  • DIY Balloon Palm Trees How To

    They'll go wild for your DIY balloon palm trees! It's amazing how simple and fun these are to make. All it takes is a handful of balloons, a balloon pump and some curling ribbon.

  • DIY Paper Lantern Jellyfish Decorations How To

    How to turn paper lanterns into amazing floating jellyfish! Our fave DIY project yet! Use curling ribbon, iridescent ribbon, streamers and strips of plastic tablecover to create t

  • PAW Patrol Balloon Column DIY

    Balloon columns get Chase's bark of approval! Create pup-tastic birthday decorations with a PAW Patrol scene setter and balloon columns! Who better to put at the top of these ball

  • Star Wars Balloon Tower DIY

    Make balloon towers tall as a Wookiee! Bring the light and dark sides to the party with balloon towers! Just follow the simple How-To and watch their excitement when they see thes

  • Hot Wheels Balloon Tower DIY

    Pump up the party room with balloon towers Create a background worthy of a photo finish with this balloon tower kit! Our step-by-step guide makes it easy to create these eye-catch

  • Avengers Balloon Column How To

    Pop up someone power-packed balloon towers! Create an action-packed setting for your superheroes with a couple of balloon columns! You don't need super powers to create these supe

  • Super Mario Balloon Tower DIY

    Easy balloon towers Super size your party decorations. It's easy with our balloon tower kit. Follow the How-To below and create two eye-catching Super Mario balloon towers. They m

  • Dory Scene Setter Decorating Idea

    Inspire your guppies to explore the sea floor! Start by hanging a Finding Dory scene setter, which makes a perfect backdrop for photos. Next, create a simple balloon bouquet by in

  • Little Mermaid Scene Setter Decorating Idea

    Transform your room into Ariel’s grotto Hanging a scene setter is an easy way to turn your house into Ariel’s home under the sea! Inflate a giant Ariel gliding balloon so the gir

  • Barbie Balloon Tower DIY

    Complete your dream house with balloon towers! Nothing says party quite like balloons! And these colorful balloon towers will have their imaginations soaring! Follow our Balloon T

  • Peppa Pig Balloon Tower DIY

    One cute DIY balloon tower! Wow, this balloon tower is taller than Daddy Pig! We layered colorful balloons to match our Peppa Party and topped them each with an oh-so-cute balloo

  • Bubbly Balloon Arch with Bar Cart Idea

    Sidle up to the bar cart for a toast! Bubble balloon arch AND a bar cart? We’re in! To make it Pinterest-worthy, cut several long pieces of our plastic balloon strip (the strip ha