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  • 5 Scary-Easy Halloween Treats That Will Spook and Delight

    These recipes from our friends at Wilton are ready to add character to your Halloween party.

  • This Spookified Slime Recipe Is a Must-Do Halloween Craft

    The obsession with slime isn't going away anytime soon. It's time to embrace slime's ooey gooey charm, and this hands-on Halloween activity idea makes it easy to do so.

  • Bring the Pumpkin Patch to Your Party With DIY Halloween Favors

    Turn simple balloons into jack-o'-lanterns with this easy craft! Will you make yours silly or scary?

  • DIY Gumball Necklaces How To

    Decorate with super-cute gumball candy necklaces! These DIY necklaces look pretty enough for the bridesmaids to wear! See our Pearl Gumball Candy Necklaces How-To for the fab step

  • Day of the Dead Candy & Sugar Skull Cake How To

    Fright and delight with a candy cake! This ghoulishly good cake is a colorful addition to the altar! A skull cake pan makes the baking easy so you can have more time for the fun p

  • Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Rosette Cookies How To

    These cookies are soon to be dearly departed! Ghouls and guys will love to munch on these sugar skull sweets. Ice them with rosettes to look like la flor de los muertos – marigold

  • DIY Bottle Balloon Tower Baby Shower How To

    We love this too-cute, larger than life balloon display shaped like a baby bottle, which can be easily customized to suit a party for a girl or a gender-neutral color scheme.

  • Give Your Party an Epic Lift With This Balloon Arch Tutorial

    Take your summertime celebration to the next level with this giant balloon arch tutorial.

  • Day of the Dead Candy Skull Cupcake Tower How To

    Create a tower of sweet cupcake offerings! Get the step-by-step instructions to make these drop-dead delicious cupcakes! Make mini "sugar skulls" with a candy mold and give them a

  • Severed Hands Drink How To

    Severed Hands Punch Recipe Specimen jar or beverage dispenser? Why not both! Mix up a pulpy punch to creep out party victims while quenching their thirsts. Add frozen berries for

  • Asylum Scar Cookies How To

    Bloody scar cookies are a must! Gross out guests with scar tissue cookies that are sure to leave a mark! They might look disgusting Do you dare take a bite of these edible flesh w

  • Bundles of Cutlery How To

    Create bountiful bundles of cutlery! Make easy-to-grab packets of cutlery for your food-lovers! Transform an orange dinner napkin, doily placemat and piece of ribbon into a cute p

  • Witch's Crew Jack o' Lantern Crispy Rice Bars How To

    Crispy treats + candy melts = sweet snacks! These frightfully adorable snack bars are eerie, easy and delicious! Decorate a batch of crispy rice squares in green and purple candy

  • Mac and Cheese Mini Bites How To

    Make mac-and-cheese mini bites These mini macs are a sure-fire crowd pleaser – and you'll love how easy they are to make! Check out our Mini Mac-and-Cheese Bites How-To for the de

  • Witch's Crew Halloween Striped Pretzels How To

    Trick for treats! Sweet and salty pretzels! Pretzel sticks drizzled in melted candy are a tasty treat and you can make them in any party colors. Add the magic touch with a terror-

  • Bacon Stuffed Sweet Potatoes How To

    Bacon-y sweet potatoes in mini bowls = feast for the eyes Nibble on our Bacon Stuffed Sweet Potatoes How-To for the perfect mini appetizer that looks amazing on display. This humb

  • Witch's Crew Spider Cupcakes How To

    Munch on creepy-crawly cupcakes! Even the scaredy cats will shriek with delight for these awesome arachnids! A spider cupcake decorating kit makes it easy to create not-so-scary s

  • Pumpkin Whoopie Pies Recipe

    Sweet touch for your table This seasonal twist on a classic treat will satisfy your fall flavor infatuation with soft, cakey pumpkin cookies and a creamy middle. They say the name

  • Voodoo Brew Halloween Cocktail Idea

    Brew a little Voo-Doo What kind of hoodoo does this voodoo brew do? Drink up and find out! Summon the spirits and follow our how-to guide to serve up a dark and bubbly purple cock

  • Witch's Crew Jack o' Lantern Candy Cake How To

    Add a jolly jack-o'-lantern to the treats table! Ghouls and boys will love carving into this cheery pumpkin cake! Give the jack-o'-lantern dimension with icing stripes and candy e

  • Candy Lei How To

    Candy leis for the grad princesses! Forget flowers – dress the grads in candy leis! To make these trendy accessories, use a sheet of cello to make a long "necklace" of mini candy

  • Pink and Zebra Grad Cap Cookie Cupcake Topper How To

    This grad cap is one smart cookie These animal-print grad cap treats are party perfect! Check out the details on making these mortarboard cookies with upside-down cupcakes underne

  • Witch's Crew Candy Covered Cone Hats How To

    Wickedly delish witch's hats! Whip up spooktacular no-bake witch's hats! Sugar cookies and ice cream cones dipped in a cauldron of Candy Melts® make these cute concoctions the per

  • Watermelon Mimosa Idea

    Toast warm days with watermelon mimosas Add a twist with fresh watermelon instead of orange juice, and garnish with a wedge of watermelon and a sprig of mint. Keep it casual but c

  • This DIY Balloon Arch Will Give Your Party Instant Wow-Factor

    Believe it or not, these impressive balloon arches are very do-able. Keep reading for the tutorial and make your birthday girl’s dreams come true on her special day.

  • Day of the Dead Candy Skull Pretzel Pops How To

    A salty-'n'-sweet Dia de los Muertos treat Treat your boo crew to salty-sweet skull pretzel sticks! Dip pretzel sticks in Candy Melts® and bone sprinkles, then top them off with a

  • Cereal Bars Idea

    Get creative with traditional cereal bars Make breakfast bars from your favorite cereals with a cute chalkboard sign to point the way. Melt butter and marshmallows, then mix in yo

  • Day of the Dead Marshmallow Pops How To

    Maravilloso skeleton treat pops! Gift your guests with the sweet smiles of sugar skull marshmallow pops! With just marshmallows, colorful food spray, and Day of the Dead icing dec

  • Friendly Crispy Rice Jack o' Lantern Cake How To

    A pumpkin treat they can't wait to carve into! The little vampires and witches will fly over to your dessert table when they see this yummy pumpkin treat. Not just crispy rice&hel

  • Friendly Bat Doughnut Pops How To

    Sink your fangs into bat pops! Your favorite trick-or-treaters will go batty over these eerie-n-cheery cake pops! They're super easy to make, using doughnut holes and Candy Melts®

  • Friendly Candy Dipped Pumpkin Pretzel & Cookies How To

    Make a platter o' pumpkins! Make these faces this Halloween and you'll see smiles all around! They're easy as can be — just give your favorite sandwich cookies or pretzel tw

  • Friendly Candy Owl Pretzel Twists How To

    Whoo-whoo wants a bite? Halloween is a real hoot when you bring these easy treats to the party! Just give pretzel twists a dip in melted Candy Melts® candy, and then add fun featu

  • Friendly Candy Dipped Ghost Cookies How To

    Thrill the kiddies with these ghostly goodies! Kids will be thrilled when these ghosts are haunting their house this Halloween. Their favorite peanut butter sandwich cookies are d

  • Friendly Ghost and Frankenstein Pretzel Pops How To

    Make Franken-tastic ghost & monster pretzel rods It's amazing the fun you can scare up with pretzels, Candy Melts® candy and Wilton Candy Eyeballs! Watch the kids' eyes go wide wh

  • Friendly Jack o' Lantern Cake How To

    This pumpkin pal takes the cake! The kids won't want to wait until Halloween night to carve up this happy pumpkin-shaped cake! Why not serve it at your pumpkin-carving party? The

  • Friendly Candy Dipped Owl Cookies How To

    Owls are a ghoul's best friend! Perch these owls at the party sweets and treats table and watch kids perk up! Peanut-shaped cookies make it easy to decorate your owls. Just cover

  • Friendly Candy Corn Ghost Cupcakes How To

    A stack o' spooky sweet cupcakes! It's spooky how fast you can put together a kids' Halloween party, complete with decorated cupcakes! Just add a simple icing swirl to your baked

  • Bloody Good Red Velvet Cleaver Cupcakes How To

    These red velvet cupcakes are dripping with spooky style! No one knows what happened in the kitchen... all that's left are these terrifying treats. A must for a proper haunted man

  • Bloody Good Chain Rattling Brownies How To

    Unchain some wicked-good brownies These "chain" icing brownies are straight from the dungeon! Follow this Chain Rattling Brownies How-To to make these sinister sweets, and impress

  • Bloody Good Severed Fingers Cake How To

    This severed-fingers cake is a snap to make! Your "haunted mansion" soiree needs a frightening cake! Wilton's pre-made sugar "fingers" come in handy. Just ice a two-tiered cake, p

  • Monster Munchies Crispy Rice Treat How To

    Bring these monster munchies to life in your kitchen lab! After your little trick-or-treaters return from trolling the neighborhood for candy, send them to your kitchen to concoc

  • Friendly Spider Monster Cupcake How To

    Spooky-cute spider cupcakes with silly faces! Something creepy this way crawls… spooky-cute spider cupcakes for one and all! Transform regular cupcakes into eight-legged tr

  • Friendly Candy Dipped Bat Cookies How To

    Put some bats in their belfry! Dress up the kids' favorite peanut butter sandwich cookies as friendly, flapping bats this Halloween! Use Candy Melts® candy for dipping, then decor

  • Friendly Candy Corn Crispy Rice Treat How To

    These corny treats are a Halloween fave! Conjure up a sweet treat to sink your fangs into! Get your boos and ghouls to help decorate these candy-corn-shaped crispy rice treats usi

  • Bloody Good Candy Pretzels How To

    Candy-dipped pretzels… or bloody bones? Vampires, zombies and mortals alike will devour this tasty sweet-and-salty treat. Creep over to the Bloody Good Candy Pretzels How-T

  • Modern Halloween Marshmallow Pops How To

    Munch on marshmallow-een treats! Give marshmallows a makeover for Halloween! First, give them a coat of color with Orange Color Mist® food color spray. Then drizzle them with a we

  • Modern Halloween Chevron and Dot Candy Apple Slices How To

    An apple a day keeps the witches away! How do you like them apples for Halloween? With their Candy Melts® candy coating and fun piped patterns, our apple slices are an easy sweet

  • Bloody Good Eerie Eyeball Pops How To

    Scary edible eyeballs on a stick! These will satiate your blood-thirsty guests! Just dip cookies in Candy Melt and add "bloodshot" candy eyes. Creep over to the Eerie Eyeball Pops

  • Bloody Good Candy Apples How To

    Blood icing = terrifying candy apples! Dip apples in black Candy Melt then create a chilling (and realistic) effect with "blood" drips made from shiny red icing gel. Sink your fan

  • Modern Halloween Doughnut Pop How To

    A booful bouquet of candy-coated pops! Discover a whole new way to do Halloween treats! Give those store-bought doughnut holes a dip in Candy Melts® candy, and add color and fun w

  • Scary Ghost Doughnut Pops How To

    Practice paranormal snacktivity with these fiendish bites Create a spooky scene with a gang of ghostly treats dipped and decorated with Candy Melts® candy! Doughnut holes on lolli

  • Scary Candy Dipped Skull Cookies How To

    Serve up sweet skull cookies with a sinister touch! Let's put our heads together to make a can't-miss goodie for your Halloween celebration! Use your favorite peanut butter sandwi

  • Scary Eyeball Doughnut Pops How To

    Everyone will be eyeing these yummy dessert pops! These creepy peepers will win any scaring contest this Halloween! But they're so easy you won't be scared to make them. Just use

  • Modern Halloween Polka Dot Cake How To

    Design a cake that screams style! If you have a hang-up about Halloween decorating, this is the cake for you! Make this easy cake, ice it with Creamy Decorator Icing, add candy tr

  • Modern Halloween Dipped and Drizzled Pretzel Pops How To

    Salty and sweet is fun to eat! Cut through the fog on Halloween night with these glowingly good candy-dipped pretzels! That extra splash of color is easy to create using Candy Mel

  • Modern Halloween Letter Cupcakes How To

    Cast a delish spell with lettered cupcakes! Cast a spell with colorful cupcakes that get the holiday message across! Icing Pouches make decorating easy. Each pouch includes tips t

  • Modern Halloween Candy Dipped Chevron Cookies How To

    Chevron-striped cookies are tres cheeek! Hard to believe that a treat so easy can make a Halloween celebration so much sweeter! Dip your favorite peanut butter sandwich cookies in

  • Mexican Party Cupcake Bouquet How To

    Cupcake roses + paper flowers = sweet fiesta centerpiece Take time to eat the roses – cupcake roses! To make this delicioso edible "bouquet," place some craft foam inside a clear

  • Scary Bloody Fingers Shooters How To

    Make bloody-rimmed glasses for your potent potions! Thrill your Halloween guests and chill them with these creepy drink cups. Create them with Candy Melts® candy and chopped finge

  • Scary Ghosts White Candy Covered Strawberries How To

    Be a fantastic ghostess with candy-covered strawberries! Something has scared these strawberry spirits! With mouths wide open and leaves standing on end, they're sure to bring smi

  • Scary Candy Ghost Pretzel Twists How To

    Make 'em shriek for these spooky skeleton pretzels! A little salty, a little sweet, and a whole lot of fun! These candy-covered skeleton pretzels are a great snack for any kid, ad

  • Scary Bone Covered Marshmallow Pops How To

    Make bony marshmallow pops to rattle the taste buds! Marshmallows become monstrously fun when you add the crunch of Crunchy Bones Sprinkles and the great taste of Candy Melts® can

  • Scary Mummy Strawberries How To

    Yummy mummy strawberries are simply hex-cellent! It's a wrap — the costume contest winner goes to this mummy treat! These White Candy Melts® candy-covered strawberries will

  • Scary Witch Covered Strawberries How To

    Put a sugar-coated spell with these strawberry witches! Add a fun and spooky touch to your Halloween party by serving these enchanting candy-coated strawberry witches! Dip fresh s

  • Candy Dipped Candy Canes How To

    Even sweeter candy canes with a chocolate-y handle! Candy canes and Candy Melts® create a sensational combination for a long-lasting sweet. Decorate a plain candy cane in minutes

  • Santa Doughnut Hole Pops How To

    Invite Santa to the party! Add some jolly to your treats table with these super-cute Santa pops. See our Santa Doughnut Hole Pops How-To for the yummy details on making them. You

  • Doughnut Hole Snowman Treats How To

    Frosty would love these doughnut hole treats! Make spirits bright with snowy-white doughnut holes for the whole party! Just dip your fave doughnut holes in melted white Candy Melt

  • Cute Christmas Cake Pops How To

    Bake and decorate some holiday cuties! Everyone loves cake pops! Get the *essential* cake pop recipe below. Then you're just a dip and drizzle away from adorable Christmas cake po

  • Merry Mint Float How To

    Offer a refreshment that's both festive and formal! While milk is known as Santa’s favorite pairing with cookies, offer him—and your guests—a refreshing twist: a merr

  • Reindeer Pretzel Rods How To

    Chocolate-y pretzels for Dasher, Dancer and company! You know Dasher and Dancer, and Prancer and Vixen! Bring them to life for your Christmas sweets table! These pretzel reindeer

  • Create Santa's Gingerbread House!

    Create Santa's gingerbread house! Say hello to Claus's new home! Whether it's with kids or kids-at-heart, making gingerbread houses is classic fun. Skate to the Christmas Retreat

  • Mitten Cookies How To

    Get warm with mitten cookies! Pour some sugar on these yummies! Use the season's colors in icing and sparkle sugar to decorate according to the Mitten Cookies Shiny and Bright How

  • Doughnut Hole Snowman Pops How To

    Give snowmen dapper chocolate top hats! Enjoy all the fun of building a snowman without ever having to go out in the cold! Create these yummy snowman pops using powdered sugar dou

  • Santa Face Cookies How To

    Santa cookies are jollier than ho-ho-ho Setting these out on Christmas Eve will surely put you on the fast track to the "nice" list! Go to our Santa Face Cookies How-To below and

  • Elf Cap Cupcakes How To

    Eat this cupcake to your hat's content! Elf hats are crunchy and sweet! Have a crafty time making these cupcake decorations with air heads, sugar cones, red Candy Melts, red sugar

  • Strawberry Reindeer Faces How To

    Rein in your sweet tooth with candy melt strawberries! Deck your chocolate-covered strawberries with a nose, eyes, ears and antlers for an adorable sprinkle-sledding team. All it

  • Marshmallow Candy Pops How To

    Marshmallows + candy sticks + chocolate drops = yum! These Candy Melts®-dipped marshmallows create a delicious ambiance as party snacks or dessert – maybe even add one to a ginger

  • Snowman & Candy Cane Cookies for Santa Idea

    Candy canes everyone will ♥ Candy cane cookies are sweet to look at and sweeter to eat! Be sure to leave a little note to Santa and a cup of milk alongside these holiday treats. T

  • Easter Bunny Marshmallow Pretzel Pops Idea

    Sweet + salty = a hoppin' new Easter treat! Impress with a unique sweets idea they've never seen before! Marshmallows dipped in lemon yellow icing, with sugar bunny decorations an

  • Easter Bunny Ears Napkin How To

    Have you heard? These bunny napkins hide secret candy eggs! They'll giggle when they discover that these playful bunny ears double as napkins with treat-filled Easter egg "bunny f

  • Merry Cocktail Drinks Idea

    Try a sip of our signature Christmas cocktail Looking for a signature holiday drink to share with your guests? Make a sweet mini cocktail brimming with classic holiday flavors. T

  • Holiday Popcorn Tasting Idea

    Turn bah humbug popcorn into jingle pop! Fill up cute little treat containers with popcorn pepped up with chocolate and sprinkles. Check out the steps below on how we made our ji

  • Easy Peppermint Bark Recipe

    A quick and delicious holiday recipe We filled up these modern Christmassy cups with a classic winter treat. Creating the perfect peppermint bark is as simple as melting and laye

  • Reindeer Chow Mix How To

    Whip up a merry snack mix to munch on during the movie! Everyone remembers Santa, but what about treats for his reindeer? It’s easy to whip up a quick batch of “reindeer chow” to

  • Merry Morsels Popcorn How To

    Green popcorn will steal hearts at your movie party No movie party is complete without popcorn, so give this classic cinema snack seasonal flair by adding in merry morsels and fla

  • Green Grumpy Holiday Punch How To

    Steal the show with green grumpy punch! Our easy drink recipe is sure to warm the hearts of your guests or grumpy grinches at your holiday movie party. Play up the homemade appe

  • Gelatin Bunny Bites How To

    Gelatin bunnies + jelly beans = yum! Let out some spring energy with gelatin bunnies – they're moving as much as the little ones! With your favorite gelatin flavor and some carefu

  • Bunny Tail Cookies How To

    "Bunny bottom" cookies are very Pinteresting! Use a super-fun double cookie cutter to make these! One cutter for the bunny shape and another for the tail. Hop over to the Bunny Ta

  • Marshmallow Daisy Pop How To

    Cute edible daisies on pretty pink marshmallows! Satisfy your sweet tooth with these adorable marshmallow pops. Make the base with a clear flared container filled with green and b

  • Tissue Paper Flowers How To

    Grow a garden of bright (paper) blooms! Create a lush garden of DIY flowers for your Easter egg hunt! These pretty paper blossoms are fun and easy to create with pieces of tissue

  • NYE Drink Charms Idea

    When the clock strikes midnight, toast in style! Party guests won't get their glasses confused when they're in bright colors and labeled with super-cute DIY stickers! Loop a bit o

  • NYE Countdown Cupcakes Idea

    3…2…1…YUM! Waiting for the ball to drop sure can work up an appetite! Keep the munchies at bay with these adorable New Year’s treats! Check out the how-to bel

  • NYE Masquerade Cake Pop Idea

    Even the cake pops are dressing in glitter! This easy and amazing cake pop creation is decorated with a tiny white fondant mask and is the perfect midnight snack to go with the bu

  • Cereal Bunny Cake How To

    Bunny pan + crisped rice = party favorite A crispy rice bunny cake? Egg-stra adorable! And easy: use your fave crispy rice recipe and spread in a bunny-shaped pan. For details on

  • Spring Tri Colored Candy Strawberries How To

    Dipped strawberries with spring style! Strawberries dipped in three hues of Candy Melts® are as pretty as a spring flower garden in bloom. You can create this sweet, pretty treat

  • Bunny and Sprinkle Pretzel Pops How To

    The Easter Bunny left something yummy! Have a satisfying hop, skip and crunch with these sweet-and-salty pretzel sticks! Try your dipping skills with Candy Melts® and decorate awa

  • Black Tie Champagne Idea

    Dapper decorations for a New Year’s drink This Black Tie champagne is the bee’s knees! Celebrate in style with this dashing New Year’s drink recipe. See how we made it below, and

  • Lemon Twist Fizz Champagne Idea

    Set up a ritzy drink station! Create an eye-catching drink station with mixed metallic details like silver-rimmed champagne flutes and striped silver paper straws! Customize a gol

  • Jazzy Gelatin Shots Idea

    Chic champagne shooters! The gents and flappers at your midnight ball will Charleston over to these mini shots, made with gelatin and champagne and served with silver spoons! Chec

  • NYE Glitterbomb Glasses DIY

    Glitterbomb your cocktail glasses! Glam up champagne flutes, wine glasses and tumblers with an ombre glitter effect! Any drink looks all dolled up when you add glitter and gumball