Graduation Decoration Ideas

Three images depicting graduation decorations

After the caps fly high, it's time to celebrate! Graduation is a special milestone in one's life which calls for a special party. With simple and fun ways to deck out your home using letter balloons, paper fans and more, you'll be able to make the grad party an unforgettable event. Take a look at all graduation decorations and get ready to party!

Gold, black and white fans over a table

Multiple ways to decorate with paper fans

Paper fan decorations look great hanging from the ceiling but also make for a fun addition to a backdrop. Attach fishing wire to the paper fans and hang them from the ceiling using tape to add a stylish touch to the grad party. To decorate walls, simply attach the fishing line using tape, or tape the fans directly to the walls. Pair the paper fans with cutouts to create a photo booth backdrop and watch the graduates strike a pose!

Gold number balloons

Number balloons for your #1 grad

It's all about the class of 2019, so what better way to decorate the grad party than with 2019 number balloons? Foil balloons shaped like the numbers 2,0,1 and 9 can be strung together with ribbon and hung on the walls as a unique balloon banner. Number balloons can also be bunched together with matching latex balloons and tied to a balloon weight to create a fun balloon bouquet. If you want to add extra pizzazz to the walls, tape these number balloons up to create a backdrop. Shop all graduation balloons.

Pink letter balloons spelling "YAY"
Silver letter balloons spelling "Congrats"

Send a message to the grads in letter balloons

Spell out any phrase to congratulate the graduates with letter balloons! Whether you want them to hang, float, or stick to a surface, the possibilities of words you can create are endless. String together letter balloons to spell out "You did it" and use it as a balloon garland to hang on the stair railing. A floating "Congrats" letter balloon display will add a festive touch to the grad party and can be easily created by tying the balloons to balloon weights. Tape letters and numbers on the wall to spell out "Class of 2019" to accentuate graduation-themed cutouts. Letter balloons will add a personalized touch to the rest of your graduation decorations!

Use your words:

Young woman standing in front of number balloons
Two women standing in front of shimmery backdrop and number balloons

Large number balloons make a large statement

Graduation year is a big year for your scholar! Decorate the party in a big way with large 2, 0, 1 and 9 number balloons. Attach these number balloons to a fringe backdrop using tape and border them with a balloon arch to create a backdrop that will make any photo-op pop. By tying the balloons to balloon weights you can let the number "2019" float freely anywhere in your home. Represent your scholar's graduating class by decorating your home with large number balloons!

Find the balloons that match your party!

Graduation balloons with photo frame balloon weight

Centerpieces make your tabletops fancy

Want to make the tables at your graduation party look extra festive? Graduation centerpieces will do the job! Balloon centerpieces don't require helium and will add a decorative touch to all of the tables! Simply tie foil and latex grad-themed balloons together using ribbon to create a unique centerpiece for the grad party. Check out more DIY graduation centerpiece ideas!

Table decorated to look like a giant graduation cap

A giant grad cap table for your memory station

Set up a memory station where graduates can create crafts using photos and art supplies! Transform an ordinary craft table into a giant grad cap simply by using a black table cover to cover the surface. Attach a tassel to the end of one corner to complete the top of the mortarboard. Lastly, attach a table skirt to the bottom of the table to complete the grad cap look. For additional decorative flair, pair the table with a matching-colored backdrop and balloons (ours matches our pink and zebra graduation party.)

Table surface with photo books and photo collage

DIY graduation memory posters

All the graduates will be excited to make a graduation memory poster at the memory station! With poster boards, cutouts, and photos of their choice, they can create a poster featuring their favorite life moments leading up to graduation. You can place other art supplies on the craft table for the graduates to use to accentuate their memory posters. Once the guests are done making their posters, they can use them to decorate their home, dorm room, or anywhere else they want to show off their accomplishments! 

Pastel green hanging honeycomb

Hanging decor is simple and fun!

Decorating the grad party can be quick and easy with an assortment of hanging decorations! Whether it's a banner featuring number cutouts of the graduation year or a honeycomb ball featuring grad-themed headlines and designs, all you have to do is tape them up. Use hanging graduation decorations on the ceiling, walls or anywhere else in your home to make the grad party extra special!

Outdoor Graduation Decorating Ideas

School is over, summer begins! The graduates can enjoy good weather at an outdoor graduation party. Balloons, yard signs and banner flags are a few great ways to decorate the outside of your home to celebrate the big day!

Yard sign decorations for graduation

Yard signs say "the party is here!"

Decorate the front lawn with yard signs featuring graduation designs and headlines. Simply stick the yard stakes into the grass to let the graduates know where the party is. You can make the yard signs extra decorative by bunching some grad-themed balloons together and tying them to the stakes. Shop all graduation yard signs.

Entrance of house with colorful balloons on either side

Use balloons to mark the entrance

The graduates will have a grand entrance to the party when you decorate the front pathway with colorful balloons. Create colorful balloon bouquets using foil or latex graduation balloons, tie them to balloon weights, and place the weights along the sides of the pathway. All the guests at your scholar's party will feel like stars when approaching the outdoor party!

Vertical black banners reading "2019" and "GRAD"

Easy and eye-catching: graduation banner flags

Lastly, honor the graduate's classmates with large grad banner flags! Hang banner flags with "Congrats Grad" headlines on the front porch to welcome the grads to the party. Mix and match grad banner flags with more matching-colored balloons to complete your outdoor decorations.

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