Animatronic Witch and Cauldron Idea

Assist the witch with her brew or pay the price!

Welcome to the witch's den! To create this wicked haunted house look, start by placing the animatronic witch in a spot where she has plenty of room to lunge! Next, easily set up a bubbling concoction that will emit eerie smoke. Start the recipe by placing dry ice into soup cans, then filling those with almost-boiling water. Put those cans in the cauldron and garnish the brew with a mixture of your favorite foliage, bones, and critters. Next, create a spirit tree to give the witch a freaky friend. For a final touch, create a wind chime out of bones for some awful ambiance!



  • Animatronic witch
  • Herbs
  • Plastic bones
  • Cauldron
  • Dry ice
  • Hot water
  • Gloves

1) Create witch's brew

Fill cauldron with bunched black tablecover to create a surface. Add bloodied bones, herbs and crow. For dry ice: place 3 soup cans inside. Wearing gloves, drop in small chunks of dry ice, then pour in almost-boiling water. Add more chunks to keep the bubbles and fog going.

2) Add a tree spirit

Attach the face and arms of the haunted tree spirit with small nails.

3) Set up animatronic witch

Position her behind her cauldron and next to a tree.

4) Make wind chime from bones

Use string to hang bones and ceremonial herbs from the tree to form a wind chime.

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