Glitter Mouse Cutouts 9ct

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Add some eek and squeak to your Halloween decorations! Glitter Mouse Cutouts feature sturdy cardstock coated in black glitter in the shape of scurrying mice. These decorations provide spooky silhouettes on the walls, windows, and stairs at your Halloween party. These little rodents are perfect for adults' and kids' parties! Glitter Mouse Cutouts includes 3 different mouse designs. Package includes 9 Glitter Mouse Cutouts.

Glitter Mouse Cutouts include:

  • 3 standing mice, 9 1/5in x 3 9/10in
  • 3 walking mice, 7 4/5in x 7 1/5in
  • 3 crouching mice, 6 7/10in x 6 3/10in

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