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Battleship Game

2 Players
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Go head to head in this classic naval combat game of Battleship. Call out coordinates in your search to find your opponent's ships on their board. Strategically make your guesses quickly since they are trying to sink your battleships at the same time! This convenient game board can be packed up and taken on the go. Suitable for 2 players. Ages 7 and up.

How to play:

  • Players place their ships on the board and begin play
  • Players take turns call out coordinates and "fire" on their opponent
  • If they hit they mark that spot with a red "hit" peg, if they miss they mark the location with a white "miss" peg
  • The first player to sink all of their opponents ships wins

Battleship Game includes:

  • 2 portable battle cases, 9in wide x 7in long
  • 10 ships
  • 84 red "hit" pegs
  • 168 white "miss" pegs
  • Label sheets
  • Instructions
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