Adult Tuxedo Morphsuit

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Who's that anonymous celebrity? Be ready for a fancy affair in this breathable and form-fitting Tuxedo Morphsuit with black and white tuxedo print detail. You can see out, but they can't see in, so to the world you're a well-dressed man of mystery. The light stretchy spandex covers your entire body, including head, hands, and feet, but is porous and comfortable — you can even drink through it! A special double zipper allows for fast and easy access. Our premium Tuxedo Morphsuit is durable, unusual, and suitable for year-round use; step into yours today!

Size recommendation: If you are smaller than 5'4" choose Medium. If you are less than 5'10" but taller than 5'4" choose Large. If you are less than 6'3" but taller than 5'10" choose XLarge. If you are very, very tall (taller than 6'3") choose XXLarge.

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