Boneyard Skeleton Yard Stakes 6ct

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Boneyard Skelton Yard Stakes are all the lawn decorations you need for Halloween. They include two warning signs and four pieces of a skeleton that appears to burst through the ground. Stick Boneyard Skeleton Yard Stakes in your lawn and watch them spook visitors this Halloween.

Boneyard Skeleton Yard Stakes include:

  • Skull, 5 1/2in wide x 11in tall
  • Arm, 3 1/2in wide x 12 1/2in tall
  • Arm, 3 1/2in wide x 11in tall
  • Torso, 12in wide x 19 1/2in tall
  • Beware sign, 12 1/2in wide x 12in tall
  • Enter sign, 10in wide x 12 1/2in wide