Bloody Good Asylum Buffet Ideas

Drive them mad with a deranged asylum dinner for your Halloween party! Do you dare sample a treat from this insane table spread? Who let the patients plan the party?! Keep guests talking long after the party's ended with a gory-good asylum party table. They'll lose it when they see your demented decor, bloody tableware and freaky food. From disgusting desserts to foul faux-food, remember: the more gruesome, the better!

Idea 1: An extra-large dose of delicious!

We've got the Rx for a sinister-looking sipper adults will go crazy for. Fill syringes with up to 1 ounce of your favorite red punch and arrange them in a pedestal bowl with ice for party patients. A bloody handprint cling on the front lets everyone know they're up for grabs!

Idea 2: Brains For Dinner How-to

Fresh from the morgue to your table! Amaze your guests with this brainy dessert that doubles as decoration. Fill a plastic brain mold with your favorite gelatin flavor, then pop out a squishy brain complete with cerebral ridges. They'll be in awe of your amazing brain decoration until they realize it's on the menu! Arrange it on the table with a butcher knife prop spattered in "blood" until you're ready to cleave into it.

Idea 3: Insane finger food!

Look, don't eat! Add demented decor to the dining experience with gruesome props. Keep fingers and eyeballs "fresh" as they rest in pieces with red bowls of ice for a truly twisted decoration. Freak out guests even more with a sign that has the scribbling of a mad patient – appetizers are served!

Idea 4: Create an unsettling appetizer tray!

Horror d'oeuvres are served! Make them lose their appetite with a gross-out appetizer tray of meat market props like brains, hearts, severed fingers and eyeballs. Tell your guests they're 100% organ-ic!

Idea 5: Set a sinister table!

Make the party table look like a crime scene! Start with a table cover printed with blood spatters and handprints with matching cups and plates. Serve your sinister spread on red trays with blood-red napkins and cutlery tied with white gauze. Remind them there's no way out with an Asylum sign and bowls of finger and eyeball props, placed haphazardly around the food.

Idea 6: Serve a sickly smorgasbord!

Trick or treat, give me something gross to eat! None of these body part "snacks" are edible, but they'll look convincing in your asylum kitchen. Create a sick scene with a gory assortment of fake bloody eyeballs, severed fingers and repulsive organs. Make party guests shudder with well-placed props like butcher knives, gruesome skulls, and blood splatter clings on everything!

Idea 7: Dish up a snack for sore eyes!

Look but don't touch – these unsettling snacks are meant as decor. Arrange frozen pancakes on a griddle with a plastic eyeball "garnish" for a unique take on breakfast for dinner. Simmering next to the putrid pancakes is an un-savory "stew" of chop shop props like feet, hands and eyeballs – yuck!

Idea 8: The doctor is in!

What horrors await in the asylum cafeteria? Serve horror with a side of scary in a disturbing asylum kitchen with plenty of creepy props, bloody handprints, and demented decorations. A grisly refrigerator door decoration printed with human heads and other nasty tidbits is the perfect way to whet their appetites. Pose a deranged doctor nearby – hopefully his cooking is better than his doctoring!

Idea 9: Brew up a blended nightmare!

This smoothie is guaranteed to have them lose their sweet tooth! Blend up some pulpy red fruit like raspberries and strawberries, then top with a pile of inedible plastic fingers and eyeballs for a sickening smoothie. Display your concoction with a bloody handprint and matching cup, but remind guests it's just for show.

Idea 10: Serve a people pot pie!

This finger-lickin' pie may look appetizing, but it's only a decoration. A frozen pie and a few severed fingers create a creepy horror vignette when placed on a cake stand with some bloody plates nearby. Mmm mmm, gross!