Black Fingerless Net Gloves

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Slip on these Fingerless Net Gloves for an unusual and purely decorative touch. Black Fingerless Net Gloves feature an large black mesh pattern with thin netting, creating an elegant spidery effect. Black Fingerless Net Gloves extend just above the elbow, are completely open at the fingers, and are secured at either end by a black elastic band. One size fits most teens and adults.

the product was just like it showed


The fingerless net gloves were just as it showed in the picture. We were very pleased with the product. I would recommend it to anyone looking for these. The shipping cost was outrageous. They shipped it in a 6"x6"x18" box for a pair of gloves, which I would say, allowed for the high shipping cost. Clever! I would go to the store next time.



Black Fingerless Net Gloves

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