Big Mouth Cheshire Face Tattoo

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Who needs a Cheshire mask when you have our Big Mouth Cheshire Face Tattoo? Easily apply our realistic fake tattoo with water — it'll stay on all night. Complete your Cheshire Cat costume with a larger than life sinister grin. This intricate temporary face tattoo is like a custom mask tailored to you!

Big Mouth Cheshire Face Tattoo product details:

  • Package measures 5in x 11 1/2in
  • Easily removed with baby oil or rubbing alcohol
  • Includes instructions
  • Made in the USA

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Would like a refund


Thank you for reminding me that I need to email a complaint about this item. If it weren't for the low cost I would be even more disappointed. I guess you get what you pay for. This product was touted as "easy". Well, magic might be a better description , because apparently that is what you need get this temporary tattoo to work. We followed the directions and no matter what this tattoo did not adhere to my child's face. The $.25 gum ball machine tattoos work better.



Big Mouth Cheshire Face Tattoo

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