Adult Bacon & Egg Costume

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Be part of a balanced breakfast in our Bacon and Egg Costume! Ham it up in this two-piece couple's costume featuring two printed tunics: one shaped like a slice of bacon and one shaped like a sunny-side up egg. For an egg-cellent finish, top off the sunny-side up tunic with the matching headband!

Adult Bacon and Egg Costume includes:

  • Bacon tunic
  • Egg tunic
  • Egg headband

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I would happily buy and recommend this product!


We were envied and admired by others at our Rotary Halloween bash. We found perfect shirts to wear under the tunic costumes, too...white tee with black polka dots, imitating pepper, and a dark red polo that perfectly matched on the dark red streaks of the bacon. We introduced ourselves as The Nreakfast club, starring Dunny and Slice. The quality of these costumes was quite good...they are durable and light weight (which we appreciate living in warm Maui, Hawaii!) so we will definitely wear them again. I just loved my little fried egg hat! Your delivery was perfect, several days ahead of our party. the sale price made this all the more a wonderful purchase for us. We didnt win first prize, but we did win the laughs and smiles of our colleagues. Thank you, Party City!


Bacon and Egg Cosutmes


I needed the costumes for several Halloween Parties that we will be attending. We wore them to our first last night and they were a big hit and also comfortable to wear.




This costume is as cheap as it gets. Looks nothing like the picture. I returned it the very next day it arrived.



Adult Bacon and Egg Costume

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