Adult Adamantium Wolverine Claws

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Well-manicured nails for the super hero! These action-packed Wolverine Claws look much fiercer than they really are, because the "adamantium" blades are made of harmless molded plastic. The long fabric gloves, padded in back for comfort, have fingers separate from the Wolverine Claws, so that you can still grip door knobs, party drinks, X-Men leading ladies — whatever your heart desires. One size fits most teens and adults.

Adamantium Wolverine Claws product details:

  • Polyester fabric gloves
  • Plastic blades, each 14in long
  • One size fits most

Adamantium Wolverine Claws are an officially licensed ™ & © 2011 Marvel Entertainment, LLC product.

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Cost effective!


This set was a great, cost effective addition to my husband's Wolverine costume. Along with a haircut, beard trim, and a set of dog tags, the claws really helped sell the look. Note: we trimmed off the blue fingers and bunched the blue wrists into his jacket. Since children were at the party, the plastic material seemed like the safest choice for claw material.


Bought by mistake but they are awesome!


Although I thought these were for kids, it works out perfect cause now my husband is gonna dress up with our son lol


Loved it - everyone commented how cool they were


The gloves let you still completely use your hands. Still a hazard as the claws are long, but it was worth it! Perfect conversation starter & definitely made the outfit.


Awesome product, great price.


I wore this to a halloween party and everyone loved it.



Adult Adamantium Wolverine Claws

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