Woodland Fairy Accessories

Explore an enchanted forest as a wondrous Woodland Fairy. Build a magical head-to-toe look all your own with this unique assortment of mix and match Woodland Fairy Accessories. Select the entire range of coordinating items for a complete Woodland Fairy transformation, or fly off with a few for a splash of spritely style.
Essentials For Your Look
Woodland Fairy Feather Mask
SKU: 482074
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Woodland Fairy Wings
SKU: 313851
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Adult Yellow and Green Tutu
SKU: 447483
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Enhance Your Look
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Gold Coin Earrings
SKU: 481792
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Gold Bangles 50ct
SKU: 313702
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Adult White Fishnet Pantyhose
SKU: 175996
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Gold Goddess Sandals
SKU: 420229
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Pearlescent Jumbo Makeup Sticks 6ct
SKU: 393845
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