Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower Room Decorating Kit 10pc

SKU: 473035
Price: $9.99
Help welcome the little one on the way with this fun decorating kit. Our Winnie the Pooh Room Decorating Kit takes the guesswork out of decorating a baby shower. The Winnie the Pooh Kit has pastel-colored centerpieces, honeycomb balls, and honey pot paper galrand.The kit also features large letter cutouts, that spell out "BABY" and feature a Winnie the Pooh character on each.

Winnie the Pooh Room Decorating Kit includes:

  • 4 Cutouts, 10in
  • Large Cutout, 14in
  • Garland, 10ft
  • 2 Centerpieces, 9in
  • 2 Honeycomb Balls, 10in