Whimsical Christmas Clothing Gift Boxes 3ct

11in x 8in x 1 1/4in Cardboard Boxes  |  SKU: 623308
The best gifts come in small boxes! Our Whimsical Christmas Clothing Boxes are perfectly sized for delicate lingerie, small clothing items and accessories, too. Each heavy cardboard box comes with fitted lid printed with a contemporary holiday print, including a snowman and Santa Claus in a winter wonderland, so put away the gift wrap and gift bow! To assemble, simply pop up the corners. These sturdy Christmas gift boxes keep your delicate gifts wrinkle-free while they wait under the tree!

Whimsical Christmas Clothing Boxes product details:

  • 11in x 8in x 1 1/4in
  • 3 Boxes with lids per package
  • 3 Designs
  • Some assembly required