Venetian Long Nose Fiend Mask

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Price: $16.99
What diabolical schemes lurk behind that mask? Only you, the wearer of the Long Nose Fiend Mask know, whether you're a player in the Venetian opera, the theater, or simply a Halloween party crasher with an oddly distinctive headpiece. Modeled after the character masks of the Commedia dell'Arte, our Venetian Long Nose Fiend Mask is made of durable molded plastic with a black "cracked lacquer" finish, trimmed with ornate braided ribbon, and held in place by an adjustable elastic band. The mask conforms to the shape of your face, and the open underside of the nose allows for unrestricted breathing. Venetian Long Nose Fiend Mask is recommended for ages 14 and up, though anyone can be a "player."