Undead Bride Ground Breaker 21in

21in Fabric & Plastic Ground Breaker  |  SKU: 487916
Customer Reviews:
She's back from the dead to claim her groom! Undead Bride Ground Breaker is the head (or skull, rather), torso and poseable arms of a bride-never-to-be. Dressed in a white gown with a veil atop her head, the Undead Bride Ground Breaker still has some of her once lustrous ginger hair and clutches a single rose in her skeleton hands. Arms are adjustable—we suggest posing them to look like she's clambering out of her grave to make a mad dash for the altar! A ten-inch stake makes it easy to plunge this Undead Bride firmly in your yard. Undead Bride Ground Breaker measures 21in x 11 1/2in.

Customer Reviews