Treasure Chest Pinata Kit

13in x 15in x 8 1/2in Pinata  |  SKU: 631974
Avast! A veritable bounty, our four-piece Treasure Chest Pinata Kit makes planning your pirate-themed party easier. This four-piece pinata kit comes with huge bag of candy, a colorful pinata bat and a one-size blindfold. The pinata must be broken the traditional way, so line up landlubbers of all ages to take a swing with the included pinata bat and collect the booty!

Treasure Chest Pinata Kit includes:

  • Treasure Chest Pinata, 13in tall x 15in wide x 8 1/2in deep
  • Pinata filler, 4lbs
  • Pinata bat, 30in
  • Blindfold