Totally 80s Swirl Decorations 12ct

SKU: 550575
Price: $5.99
Get stoked for our Totally 80s Swirl Decorations, dudes and dudettes! These shiny Totally 80s decorations come in purple, pink, teal, black and green foil swirls plus six more dangling cutouts of cassette tapes, sunglasses, a boombox, a star and a lightning bolt. Tape these lightweight decorations to ceilings and doorways to transform your 80s party space! Package comes with 12 Totally 80s Swirl Decorations.

Totally 80s Swirl Decorations include:

  • 6 Foil swirl decorations
  • 3 Foil swirl decorations with 7in cutouts
  • 3 Foil swirl decorations with 5in cutouts