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Gingham Flings® Pop Up Trash Bin

13gal Trash Can  |  SKU: 683580
Buy three for $12! Mix and match!
Price: $4.99
It's a cinch to stay clean at the sports field, backyard barbecue, or wherever you are with Gingham Flings® Pop-Up Trash Bin! Capable of holding up to 60 cans and bottles, this handy pop-up bin is made of extra-strong, leak-proof plastic, with sturdy cardboard and steel struts within that allow it to stand alone, and a supportive base that prevents rips and leaks. A drawstring handle at the top makes it easy to tie, transport and toss your garbage or recycling when the event is over. Gingham Flings® Pop-Up Trash Bin is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Measures 15in wide x 10in deep x 22in high fully open and holds up to 13 gallons.