Desktop Gumball Dispensers 12ct

SKU: 461966
Price: $49.99
What a time to be a kid, no matter what your age! Take these miniature Gumball Dispensers — how cool are they? They're scaled-down vintage machines, pre-filled with gumballs, sized to fit just about anywhere for your candy pleasure. They're coin-operated, but since you control the money cache, they're like bright piggy banks that give prizes. And is there a better way to put gumballs on display? With 12 dispensers in the box, it's easy to spread the fun around.

Desktop Gumball Dispensers product details:

  • 12 dispensers per box
  • Assorted colors: red, blue & yellow
  • Dispensers measure 6in H x 3.5in W
  • Assorted gumballs included