Skittles Variety Bag 90ct

Net Wt. 44oz  |  SKU: 175434
Price: $12.99
Rainbow treats or tasty fruit chews? With this Skittles Variety Bag, you get them both: Sealed mini packs of delicious Skittles candy and just as many packs of Starburst chews in lemon, lime, and cherry flavors. The Skittles-Starburst mix is a top-of-the line pinata filler, or place it in candy bowls if you dare, because the candy will vanish faster than you can pour it out of the bag! Package contains 90 assorted mini packs of Skittles and Starburst candy.

Skittles Variety Bag product details:

  • 90 mini packs of assorted Skittles / Starburst candy
  • Bag net weight: 44oz