Remote Controlled Fart Machine

3 1/2in x 4 1/2in Plastic Toy  |  SKU: 393929
Price: $14.99
Lighten the mood with a humorous tune! This Remote Controlled Fart Machine lets you feign flatulence at a distance of up to 50ft — it even works through walls! Hide the small, battery-operated Fart Machine out of sight, then simply press a button on the remote control when a hapless victim wanders into your trap. Laughs and embarrassment are sure to ensue! Batteries not included.

Remote Controlled Fart Machine includes:

  • Fart box machine, 3 1/2in wide x 1 3/4in long x 4 1/2in tall
  • Remote control, 1 1/2in wide x 1/2in long x 2 1/2in tall

For novelty use only.