Red Starter Dress

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Be the perfect canvas for anything in our Red Starter Dress! Our Red Starter Dress features a short, stretch knit dress with removable shoulder straps, a gathered bustline and a pretty ruffle hem. Just add your favorite accessories to create your own unique look! Our Red Starter Dress is available is sizes small through extra large.

It does it's job for one night on Halloween.


I am using this dress for my betty boop costume. It fits ok- I'd say get a size bigger then you actually are. The dress also rides up quite a bit and you have to keep pulling it down.




I bought the dress and was excited it said the dress would fit my measurements however it did not. I'm short petite and skinny but the dress was shorter than the outfits the Jersey Shore cast wears. I was also missing the straps that came with the outfit. I wanted to ask for my money back but I needed a costume so I attempted to wear the costume and did not succeed in wearing it. I was Betty Boop and I decided not to wear the dress halfway through the night because the shorts I was wearing underneath and sweatshirt made me feel more modest than the outfit I'd purchased. I've included a photograph with black straps from one of my multi way bras in the photograph to show that the red straps intended to come with the costume did not. I think I should be sent a portion of my money back or at least the freaking straps.



Good, but Not a Dress


I got the product and was excited to wear it to a costume party with a few other accessories to be a firefighter. Unfortunately, the "dress" hardly covered my behind. Even with the "hot shorts" I ordered, it was still obvious that the dress wasn't long enough. Otherwise, the fit was fine. Overall, I would recommend the product. Just beware of the length and perhaps order a size up.




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