Pumpkin Carving Kit 20

Metal & Plastic Tools  |  SKU: 627301
One-up your neighbor's pumpkin carving skills with a Pumpkin Carving Kit. This Pumpkin Carving Kit offers all the tools of the trade, plus a packet of stencils. Some designs are scary, some are cute, but all of them will ensure an original design that your trick-or-treaters will love! Make your jack-o'-lanterns stand out from the crowd with a Pumpkin Carving Kit.

Pumpkin Carving Kit includes:

  • Large scoop, 10in long
  • Small scoop, 3 3/4in long
  • Largest knife, 8 3/4in long
  • 3 additional knives of various sizes
  • 2 pens, 5 3/4in long
  • 12 stencils