Pull String Skullette Monster High Pinata Kit

15in x 15in Pinata  |  SKU: 609973
Have a fang-tastic birthday celebration with our Skullette Monster High Pinata Kit! Covered in white tissue paper and accented with shiny cutouts for the black eyes, nose and hot pink bow, this piñata is a fiesta favorite that every party monster will enjoy. Having players use the included bat to crack it open or take turns pulling the ribbons for a fun and safe alternative to traditional play — only one releases the prizes within! With a bag of treats and a colorful blindfold, our all-in-one kit lets you enjoy more time and great savings!

Pull String Skulette Monster High Pinata Kit includes:

  • Pull string piñata 15in x 15in
  • Piñata filler
  • Piñata blindfold
  • Piñata bat