Patriotic Room Decorating Kit 21pc

SKU: 224864
Price: $14.99
Ready to party? Patriotic Room Decorating Kit is everything you need to deck out your all-American party space with patriotic flair. This decorating kit dresses up a room in red, white and blue with star swirl decorations, American flag cutouts, shimmering foil fringe garlands and more. Patriotic Room Decorating Kit comes with string for hanging your decorations.

Patriotic Room Decorating Kit includes:

  • 2 Swirl decorations, 36in each
  • 2 Swirl decorations, 24in each
  • 2 Star and hat string decorations, 4ft
  • 2 Foil and paper star and USA string decorations, 3ft
  • 2 Star cutouts, 15in
  • 2 Flag cutouts, 12in
  • 1 Hat cutout, 12in
  • 1 Cardstock cutout, 9in
  • 3 Star cutouts, 5 3/4in
  • 2 Foil fringe garlands, 10ft x 5in each
  • 2 Foil fringe garlands, 10ft x 15in each
  • String, 50ft