Party On Table Decorating Kit 23pc

SKU: 464299
Price: $5.99
Get ready for a birthday bash with this Party On Table Decoration Kit! Featuring three table centerpieces and colorful confetti pieces, our Table Decorating Kit is sure to get fill guests with joy. One large centerpiece features a purple, foil trim and a stand-up, 3-dimensional polka dot birthday cake backed by colorful balloons. Miniature cupcakes and gifts are at the foot of the cutout. Two smaller centerpieces feature a cute cupcake and a birthday gift. Confetti pieces display balloon bouquets, birthday gifts, cupcakes and birthday candles. Made of durable cardstock. Reusable. Party On Table Decoration Kit includes 1 large centerpiece measuring 12 1/2in tall, 2 small centerpieces measuring 7in tall and 20 confetti pieces.