Men's Over the Hill Cane

36in Plastic Cane  |  SKU: 38067
For that old friend whose get up and go has up and gone, a Men's Over the Hill Cane has everything required for an assisted stroll to the bingo hall. This plastic cane includes fun gag gifts such as a rearview mirror, a spare set of false teeth, a prescription pill container, and more. The bottom even squeaks so everyone nearby knows that an old man is coming through. Give this plastic cane to your aging friend whose cruising speed is a steady 1mph. Items are for novelty use only.

Men's Over the Hill Cane includes:

  • Plastic cane, 36in tall
  • Rearview mirror, 3in wide x 5 1/2in long
  • False teeth, 1in wide x 3/4in tall
  • Empty Over the Hill Cure-All Pills bottle, 1in diameter x 2 1/2in tall
  • Horn, 1 1/2in wide x 6 1/2in long
  • Crossing sign, 3 1/2in wide x 7in tall