Old Lady Survival Kit

Plastic Props  |  SKU: 736867
Don't let a friend slip into old age without an Old Lady Survival Kit! This novelty survival kit includes a wide variety of tools to make old age a little easier. The old lady driving sign warns other drivers, the spare underwear case is great to keep around for those unexpected accidents, and the old man repellent is great in almost any situation! Also included are a fillable magic pill, a lost button, and wrinkle cream. Use this funny survival kit as a great gag gift at a friend's over-the-hill party. Items are for novelty use only.

Old Lady Survival Kit includes:

  • Old man repellant, 1 1/2in diameter x 4 1/4in tall
  • Old lady driver sign, 4in wide x 4in tall
  • Spare underwear case, 2 1/2in wide x 4in tall
  • Button, 2in diameter
  • Fillable pill, 1in diameter x 3in long
  • Wrinkle cream, 1in diameter x 3in long

Intended for adult use only.