Neon 3-Sided Fidget Spinner

3in Metal & Plastic Toy  |  SKU: 775928
Surprise color! What will you get?
Get spinning with a Neon 3-Sided Fidget Spinner! Featuring a rounded three-sided design and solid-color paint, this desk toy is perfect for fidgeters! The color of the fidget spinner is a mystery — you could get green, orange, pink, or yellow! Just hold the center with your index finger and thumb and spin it! You can practice cool tricks or just use it to keep your hand busy while you work. This colorful hand spinner makes a perfect stocking stuffer or party favor.

Neon 3-Sided Fidget Spinner product details:

  • 3in diameter
  • Metal and plastic
  • 4 assorted colors: green, orange, pink, and yellow
  • Color of product is a surprise!