Monster Slime

5.29oz Net Wt.  |  SKU: 766507
Surprise slime! What will you get?
Give this Monster Slime to all the little monsters at your little one's birthday party and they'll be pretending it's some nasty goop! This slime comes in brown, dark green, or yellow and the color you receive is a surprise. The brown slime comes in a Dragon Droppings package with brimstones in it. The dark green slime comes in an Alien Sludge package with a glow-in-the-dark brain in it. The yellow slime comes in an Ogre Ooze package with chunks of junk in it. Let the kids' imaginations run wild as they become monsters with this slime!

Monster Slime product details:

  • 3 colors: brown, dark green, or yellow
  • Color chosen randomly at time of shipping
  • 5.29oz net weight