Mardi Gras Gold Guy

Get the Midas touch with an all-gold Mardi Gras costume! Choose all the pieces for a head-to-toe Gold Guy transformation, or mix and match golden yellow accessories with a Mardi Gras mask and beads for a one-of-a-kind character!
Costumes & Accessories
Glitter Gold Harlequin Masquerade Mask
SKU: 493443
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Gold Tinsel Wig
SKU: 468723
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Gold Glitter Top Hat
SKU: 182528
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Gold Bead Necklaces 8ct
32in Plastic Necklaces
SKU: 182012
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Mardi Gras Necklace with Drama Masks Pendant 3ct
42in Plastic Necklaces
SKU: 463618
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Yellow Tutu
SKU: 485760
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Adult Yellow Partysuit
Costume #923
SKU: P452199
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