Latex Amazing Spider-Man Lizard Mask Deluxe

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Look upon humankind with cold reptilian eyes in this sinister Lizard Mask. Crafted with amazing detail, our Deluxe Amazing Spider-Man Lizard Mask features lizard skin texture painted green with black highlighting. With a permanent lizard smirk on your face, you'll keep everyone guessing when you'll strike next! This full overhead latex mask transforms you into the infamous Spider-Man Spider-Man nemesis without the use of experimental serums. One size Lizard Mask fits most teens and adults. Recommended for ages 14 years and up.

WARNING: This product contains natural rubber latex and may cause an allergic reaction in latex-sensitive individuals.

Deluxe Amazing Spider-Man Lizard Mask is an officially licensed Amazing Spider-Man™ ©2012 Marvel Entertainment, LLC costume accessory.

Customer Reviews