Joker Tattoos - Suicide Squad

3 Tattoos  |  SKU: 687580
Get tatted like the Joker with these Suicide Squad tattoos. Set your Suicide Squad costume over the edge with this Joker Tattoos. With two creepy smile tattoos and a large "HAHAHAHA" pattern tattoo you can cover your body just like the Joker. This collection of Joker tattoos lends an authentic touch to your Suicide Squad Joker costume.

Suicide Squad Joker Tattoos product details:

  • 3 tattoos
  • Largest tattoo, 5in wide x 3in tall
  • Smallest tattoo, 3in wide 1 1/2in tall
  • Sheet, 5 1/4in wide x 3 1/4in tall
  • Easily applied with a damp cloth
  • Easily removed with baby oil or rubbing alcohol

Officially licensed Suicide Squad, Warner Bros. Consumer product.