Icee Spray Candy Dispensers 12ct

Net Wt. 10.2oz  |  SKU: 461919
Too cool, your favorite frosty drink now comes in a mini can! Icee Spray Candy Dispensers are aerosol canisters filled with one of three delicious liquid flavors: Cherry, blue raspberry, or lemonade. Open wide on a hot summer day, point the nozzle at your tongue and shoot a blast — the sensation is sweet, refreshing, and cool like an iced drink, saving you a trip to the mini mart. Box contains 12 Spray Candy Dispensers, each with a net weight of 0.85 fl oz.

Icee Spray Candy Dispensers product details:

  • 12 dispensers per box
  • 3 fruit flavors
  • Spray candy net weight: 0.85 fl oz
  • Box net weight: 10.2 fl oz