Horizontal Totally Awesome Invitations 8ct

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Price: $3.99
Hey, man, let's party! Our Horizontal Totally Awesome Invitations are postcards that feature on the front sides the phrase, "Let's Party!" against a graphic hot pink background that fades into black and are surrounded by neon paint splatters, stars and swirls. The reverse side of each invitation has a form to fill in the party's details, bordered by black paint swirls and stars. Use these funky invitations for just about any occasion you have in the works, like a birthday or karaoke night. Be sure to include the zebra print Save the Date stickers along with the invitations for guests to mark their calendars, and seal everything up with the Join Us sticker envelope seals.

Horizontal Totally Awesome Invitations include:

  • 8 Invitations, 4 1/4in x 6 1/4in
  • 8 Green Envelopes, 4 1/2in x 6 1/2in
  • 8 Save the Date Stickers, 1 1/4in x 1 1/4in
  • 8 Join Us Seals, 1 1/4in diameter