Helium Tank Kit 8.9 cu ft 30 Latex Balloons

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Top off the ultimate birthday bash! Our Helium Tank Kit has everything you need for your high flying celebration: An 8.9 cubic foot helium-filled tank, 30 assorted-color latex balloons measuring 9in each, and a spool of balloon ribbon. The lightweight, disposable helium tank features an easy-to-use nozzle to fill balloons in a snap and handles for easy transport. Mix and match balloons for make themed party decorations and fun balloon bouquets.

Helium Tank Kit includes:

    8.9cu ft helium tank
  • 30 latex balloons, 9in
  • Ribbon
  • Instructions for tank disposal

CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children. Contents are under pressure. Non-flammable gas. Use this product only in well-ventilated areas. Tank is non-refillable. Do not store in damp areas. Keep tank away from heat, fire and sharp objects. This tank has a PSI of 260.