Happy Birthday Room Decorating Kit 22pc

SKU: 401783
Price: $19.99
Get the birthday party started right with colorful decorations! Our Happy Birthday Room Decorating Kit features fun and colorful swirls, cutouts and fringe garlands to add excitement to your celebration. These fun decorations are printed with "Happy Birthday!" messages in bold colors with balloon and cake designs. The strings on the ends make it easy to hang decorations along walls, windows and doorways.

Happy Birthday Room Decorating Kit includes:

  • 2 Swirl decorations, 36in
  • 2 Swirl decorations with cutouts, 24in
  • 4 String decorations, 3ft to 4ft
  • 9 Paper cutouts, 5 3/4in to 15in
  • 2 Foil fringe garlands, 5in x 10ft
  • 2 Foil fringe garlands, 15in x 10ft
  • Hanging string, 50ft