Hanging Winged Grim Reaper

3ft Fabric Reaper  |  SKU: 488082
Price: $9.99
Do not be fooled by the white robe and wings—this is no angel from heaven. Hanging Winged Grim Reaper is anything but. This Grim Reaper prop features a skull frozen in a scream and poseable arms and wings draped with a white cloth. Hang the Winged Grim Reaper by the loop attached at the top and adjust the wings so that it looks like it's about to descend on an unsuspecting soul. The arms can be outstretched as if ready to reap with those skeletal hands. Hanging Winged Grim Reaper measures 3ft. and weighs 13oz.

Hanging Winged Grim Reaper features:

  • Poseable arms and wings
  • Plastic skull
  • Plastic skeleton hands
  • Attached hanging loop