Hanging Poseable Ghost 7ft

7ft Prop  |  SKU: 488088
Price: $6.99
This ghost is doomed to haunt your house forevermore, but you get to tell it which corner to haunt! Set up this Hanging Poseable Ghost anywhere in your house or yard. Our hanging ghost prop is a 7-foot long piece of white cloth attached to a foam-covered wire frame that can be adjusted to the desired position, such as with arms raised or stretched outward. A screaming ghost face is printed at the top and the cloth is separated into three long strips for more motion when fluttering in the wind. This ghost prop has a loop attached at the top for hanging indoors or outdoors. Hanging Poseable Ghost measures 7ft tall and weighs 5 oz.

Hanging Poseable Ghost features:

  • Poseable frame
  • Printed ghost face
  • Attached hanging loop