Graveyard Ghoul Fogger Accessory

SKU: 313693
Get your Ghoul on this Halloween! Our Graveyard Ghoul Fogger Accessory features a life size zombie ghoul half body with a decayed look, yellow eyes, and an open mouth for expelling dry ice style fog. This dug-up ghoul fogger accessory attaches to any SVI 400, 700 or 1000 watt fogger (sold separately). Stuffing for ghoul shirt required (crumpled newspaper works well).

Note: This is a fogger attachment only. SVI 400, 700 or 1000 watt fogger required for use. Fog machine sold separately.

Only works on certain brands of foggers


I was so excited when I got this because it was half off at the store, then I was extremely disappointed that the end of the hose does not fit on all fogger machines. It is not universal. This will be returned. =(

Charlotte, NC



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