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Go, Diego, Go! Centerpiece Kit 23pc

SKU: 530804
Price: $5.99
Hola, birthday boy! Our Go, Diego, Go! Centerpiece Kit features cardstock pop-out centerpieces featuring pictures of Diego and his animal pals, plus confetti. The largest centerpiece has camouflage and giraffe print detail features Diego riding an elephant beside Baby Jaguar , with a green foil trim at the bottom. The large cutout confetti pieces feature animal designs. Place the centerpieces and confetti on tabletops as part of decorations for your Go, Diego, Go! birthday party. Minor assembly is required for the centerpieces.

Go, Diego, Go! Centerpiece Kit includes:

  • 2 Centerpieces, 6 1/2in tall
  • Large Centerpiece, 12 1/2in tall
  • 20 Confetti Pieces, 2in