Girls Monster Bride Costume Elite

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Always a bridesmaid, now reanimated as a monster bride! Girls Monster Bride Costume features a white full-length white satin gown with trailing lace from the knees to the floor, organza and lace detailing around the neck and chest, and dramatic flowing shoulder drapes. The arms are sliced in faux mummy wrap; a white fabric choker with vinyl bolts accents the neck. Crowning the ensemble is a magnificent bride of Frankenstein beehive wig piled high in alternating bands of black and white. What an outfit, what a look! Hang onto this Monster Bride Costume, young ladies — you may need it later, after college.

Girls Monster Bride Costume Elite includes:

  • Beehive wig
  • Choker
  • White gown
  • Detachable shoulder drapes