Giant White Graduation Confetti Cannon

2in x 24in Foil & Tissue Paper Confetti Cannon  |  SKU: 739861
Celebrate with a burst of colorful confetti with a Giant White Graduation Confetti Cannon! This confetti cannon launches a spray of colorful paper streamers and confetti. Hold it away from the graduation party and turn it sharply at the bottom to release the contents held under pressurized air. The confetti goes flying with a loud POP, transforming your graduation day into an instant high-energy party zone!

Giant White Graduation Confetti Cannon product details:

  • 2in diameter x 24in long
  • Contains foil confetti and streamers
  • Shoots up to 12ft
  • One-time use
  • Compressed air mechanism
  • For outdoor use
  • Point away from faces

Intended for adult use only.