Wonka Fun Dip 36ct

Net Wt. 3.37lbs  |  SKU: 461961
Price: $34.99
Open the pouch, then lick and dip! Wonka Fun Dip is a definitely different way to enjoy a dose of the same snappy candy powder that comes in Pixy Stix. Flavors include Razz Apple Magic, Grape Yumptious, and Cherry Yum Diddly; the hard candy dipping sticks are edible as well! Box contains 36 big pouches of Wonka Fun Dip, each with a weight of 1.5oz.

Wonka Fun Dip product details:

  • 36 pouches per box (with dipping sticks)
  • 3 fruit flavors
  • Pouch net weight: 1.5oz
  • Box net weight: 3.37lbs