Frozen Summer Toys

Nothing says happy summer like a beach bag filled with Frozen toys. This selection of Frozen balls, bubbles, and pool toys will have your little one ready to play outside all summer long.

Looking for fun Anna and Elsa toys that are worth melting for? Knock it out of the park with a Frozen bat and ball set. These Frozen bubbles, flying discs, and Frozen pool toys are Olaf-approved. Your Anna and Elsa lovers can make up their own Frozen games with toys that are great for outdoor play! Keep them entertained all summer with these Frozen games.

Headed to the beach or pool? Be sure to fill up your beach bucket with a Frozen beach ball, kickboard, and arm floaties. They'll want to swim around all day with their favorite royal sisters. A Frozen bucket hat is perfect for a day of fun in the sun and will protect your little swimmer's eyes and face from the warm rays.

They're ready to celebrate Olaf's favorite season with Frozen toys. Shop Frozen pool toys, summer toys, and more to spark some fun summer ideas.

Beach Toys
Frozen Basic Summer Toys Kit
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Frozen Super Summer Toys Kit
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Frozen Flying Disc
9in Plastic Disc
Was: $1.49
Now: $1.00
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Frozen Beach Ball
13in Plastic Ball
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Frozen Treat Bucket
8 3/4in x 7in Plastic Bucket
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Frozen Toy Baseball Bat Set 2pc
Plastic Toys
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Child Frozen Arm Floaties
Was: $3.99
Now: $3.00
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Frozen Kickboard
16 1/2in Foam Kickboard
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Foam Frozen Glow Stick
1 1/4in x 15in Foam & Plastic Stick
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Frozen Bubble Wand
4.5oz Bubbles
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Frozen Bubbles 6ct
4oz Bubbles
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Frozen Mini Bubbles 48ct
0.6oz Bubbles
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Frozen Ring Toss & Horseshoes Game 13pc
Was: $9.99
Now: $5.00
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Child Frozen Bucket Hat
10in x 4in Fabric Hat
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Elsa & Anna T-Shirt - Frozen
Was: $9.99
Now: $5.00
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