Flower Fun Large Invitations 8ct

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Price: $4.99
Send a friend a flower! Our Flower Fun Large Invitations are perfect for any occasion! This stylish invite features a large orange flower seal on the outside with a real red-orange button attached to its center. Flower attaches by an adhesive sticker on its back to an adorable lime green ribbon with white polka dots. Slide the ribbon and flower off the invite to unfold the pretty teal flaps that open up to reveal a tan party invitation within. Inner card has fill-in spaces for party information, and the headline "an invitation" at the top. Cards measure 4 1/2in x 6 1//4in. Package contains 8 invitations, 8 orange flowers with adhesive stickers, 8 lengths of polka dot green ribbon and 8 white envelopes.

Not for children under 6 years.