Fiesta Party Favors

Turn the heat up at your party with our Fiesta Party Favors! Hand out shot glass necklaces, festive leis, chili pepper accessories and more so your guests' outfits say "Fiesta!" Show a little skin with body jewelry or get silly with moustache sunglasses topped with sombreros. Let guests take home their Fiesta Party Favors to keep things caliente way beyond Cinco de Mayo.
Fiesta Favors
Chili Pepper Headband
4 1/2in x 10 1/2in Plastic Headband
SKU: 506194
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Multicolor Fiesta Leis 3ct
36in Plastic Leis
SKU: 428731
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Fiesta Pillow Mints 50ct
7oz package
SKU: 117561
Quantity -+
Fiesta Mini Sombreros 8ct
2 1/2in Plastic Hats
SKU: 428725
Quantity -+
Fiesta Metallic Oval Sunglasses 12ct
SKU: 428726
Quantity -+
Fiesta Party Accessory Kit 50pc
SKU: 439774
Quantity -+
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Fiesta Body Jewelry
2in Plastic Jewelry
SKU: 428734
Quantity -+
Chili Pepper Bead Necklaces 3ct
42in Plastic Necklaces
SKU: 506188
Quantity -+
Fiesta Shot Glass Necklace
20in Plastic Necklace
SKU: 182572
Quantity -+
Fiesta Bead Necklaces 6ct
32in Plastic Necklaces
SKU: 506190
Quantity -+
Fiesta Body Jewelry 12ct
SKU: 506197
Quantity -+
Bright Maraca
5in Plastic Maraca
SKU: 343968
Quantity -+
Fiesta Plastic Maracas 2ct
7in Plastic Maracas
SKU: 50672
Quantity -+
Ole Fiesta Maracas 2ct
9 1/2in Plastic Maracas
SKU: 400345
Quantity -+
Party Maracas 12ct
5 1/4in Plastic Maracas
SKU: 182781
Quantity -+
Mini Maracas 24ct
5in Plastic Instruments
SKU: 420464
Quantity -+